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Directed Research for Innovation and Value Enhancement

  • Galvanized Iron- Clad Cordillera House: Case studies in the effects of GI Cladding in the Cordillera Environment
    Anna Christina Ealdama
  • Cordillera Gl Clad Clapboard structures: Explorations in Domestic and religious structures in Mountain Province
    Anna Christina Ealdama
  • The Organic development of Urban Residential Spaces: A Look into the Aesthetic and social aspect in Architecture
    Shiela V. Elardo
  • A Multiple case study: Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Family Dynamics & Residential Interior Space Utilization of Selected OFW families.
    Jerome Jesus David
  • Web based speed and endurance assessment with monitoring system using wearable device with accelerometer and improvised stethoscope through broadband technology
    Cyrel Ontimare-Manlises, Jesus Martinez Jr.
  • Mapua Standard time through wi-fi propagation of GPS based clock
    Noel Linsangan, Isagani Villamor, Eric Navarro
  • Mapua Digital Broadcast laboratory and media centre (phase 2)
    Jennifer Dela Cruz, Alejandro Ballado Jr., Flordeliza Valiente
  • Proposed Internet protocol Television (IPTV) design from Mapua Digital Broadcast Facility to other Malayan Campuses
    Jennifer Dela Cruz, Marloun Sejera, Alejandro Ballado Jr., Jose Cardenas
  • A Novel Design for Microcontroller using Polymorphic gates for power electronics
    Arnold Paglinawan, Charmaine Paglinawan
  • A design of drug driver system for controlling an insulin pump and microcontroller hardware implementation
    Arnold Paglinawan, Charmaine Paglinawan
  • Computer Diagnostic Tool and Monitoring system with SMS Notification
    Eric Navarro, Febus Reidj Cruz, Ramon Garcia
  • Electronic Pest Exterminator for Household Use
    Carlos Hortinela IV, Ernesto Vergara Jr. Ramon Garcia
  • Voice Activated Control for Microsoft Office Application
    Eric Navarro, Ernesto Vergara Jr, Ramon Garcia
  • Matlab based ECG and EMG Signal Synthesizer and microcontroller-based trainer module for ECG and EMG detection and diagnostics
    Jesus Martinez Jr. Joseph Bryan Ibarra, Marloun Sejera
  • Mapua Remote Classroom Monitoring and Control through Android application
    Glenn Magwili, Joseph Bryan Ibarra, Marianne Sejera
  • Android-Microcontrolled UMI RT 100 Robot
    Glenn Magwili, Joseph Bryan Ibarra, Jerry Turingan
  • Remote Controlled eco-friendly boat for material transport
    Glenn Magwili, Joseph Bryan Ibarra, Jose Cardenas
  • Development of comprehensive Arduino and advanced add on modules tutorial/training for outcome based learning system
    Glenn Magwili, Joseph Bryan Ibarra, Esperanza Chua
  • Remote controlled Wall Climbing Robot
    Glenn Magwili, Joseph Bryan Ibarra, Carlos Hortinela IV
  • Two wheeled segway type personal mobile transporter
    Glenn Magwili, Joseph Bryan Ibarra
  • Design of energy aware CMOS standard data flip flop cells towards the development of low power remote sensor nodes
    Febus Reidj Cruz
  • Classroom monitoring using fingerprint one to may matching recognition
    Arnold Paglinawan, Charmaine Paglinawan, Ernesto Vergara Jr., Leonardo Valiente Jr.
  • Automated Energy Management System
    Felicito Caluyo, Jesus Martinez Jr. Cyrel O. Manlises
  • Remote data Acquisition and Transmission of ECG through mobile network
    Noel Linsangan, Dionis Padilla, Jumelyn Torres, Rafael Maramba
  • Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Environment (MOODLE) for the outcomes based technology and learning System
    Analyn Yumang, Glenn Magwili, Jose Cardenas
  • Exploratory use of mathematical modeling in sustainable developments as engaged in students concept of needs and limitations
    Dante Silva, Melvyn Alviso, Rosario Exconde, Raquel Teodoro
  • Index of Learning Styles- instructional decision support system (ILS-IDSS): Addressing Diversities of students learning styles in higher educational institution
    Bernardino Ofalia, Armando Ricardo Aguado
  • Academic Engagement and task performance as moderated by learning environments: An Experimental analysis
    Jasmine Nadja Pinugu, Bernardino Ofalia
  • Isolation and Structure Elucidationand pharmacological activities of secondary metabolites from the different Philippine medicinal plants
    Kathlia De Castro, Marilyn Miranda
  • Isolation Structure Elucidation and Termicidal activities of secondary metabolites from the different Philippine medicinal plants
    Kathlia De Castro, Marilyn Miranda
  • Fabrication of Filter Media using Indigenous Material for Used Cooking Oil Rejuvenation
    Kathlia De Castro
  • Social Causes and Implications in the Design Changes of Architectural openings in Filipino Houses
    Catherine Reodique
  • Effects of incremental Housing Provision: The Case of the Gasangan Baseco Fire Victims
    Albert Zambrano
  • Performance Metrics on 3D Architectural Visualization Skills and Tools for 3D CADD Course Development in MIT BS Arch. Program
    Erline Grace Datoc
  • Identifying Ability Groups in Architecture Graduates of RTU as a Basis for Admission Policy Formulation
    Ted De Paz
  • Inter & Tra variation of sustainability perspective within Architectural practices in the Philippines
    Geza Fischl
  • BSTC Program for Research and Development
    Ma. Eliza Torres
  • English language research on MELT and TOEIC
    Ma. Eliza Torres

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