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Directed Research for Innovation and Value Enhancement

  • Establishment of air sampling protocol for carbon monoxide gas using colorimetric tubes
    Belino, Manuel, Anastacio, Jonathan, Bosshard, Hans Felix
  • Small scale wind power to electrify a rural off grid community
    Balberona, Mark Anthony, Salazar, Godofredo, Honra, Jaime, Manuel, Mark Christian
  • Characterization and structure elucidation of active components from eluent fractions of different Philippine medicinal plants
    De Castro, Kathlia, Miranda, Marilyn
  • Rataional Design of metal oxide nanoparticles as active photoelectrodes in quantum dot solar cells via solid state and solution-phase synthesis
    Basilia, Blessie, Arellano, Ian Harvey, Austria, Meynard
  • Wireless RF Application project
    Ballado, Alejandro, Pabiana, Maribelle
  • Microelectronics Design
    Garcia, Ramon, Paglinawan, Charmaine
  • Development of Course Materials for Outcome- based education (modular object oriented dynamic environment- MOODLE)
    Villaverde Jocelyn, Pabiana, Maribelle
  • Use of Living Space by OFW’s
    David, Jerome Jesus
  • Vernacular Architecture
    Muñoz, Khrstine Ann
  • CIM Web-based teaching potential
    Borres, Rhea, Gumasing, Janice, Yandug, Jennalyn
  • Determination of the applicability of recycled plastic aluminum (RPA) laminates as roof and wall panels without delamination
    Senoro, Delia
  • Development of Aeration Technologies for the Pasig River
    Salvacion, Jonathan L

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