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Directed Research for Innovation and Value Enhancement

  • Green Architecture Technologies
    Garcia, Aristeo , Lubag Jr., Avelino
  • Research Initiatives on biofuels
    Rhoda Leron, Ariziel Ruth Marquez, Herbert Santos
  • Determination of Drag Reduction in a fluid flow system in Nanofluids
    Ariziel Ruth Marquez
  • Conversion of used cooking oil in biodiesel
    John Ysrael Baluyot
  • MOBOT using FPGA Implementation
    Orland Basas
  • Development of Rubber-silicate nanocomposites
    Blessie Basilia, Deorex Navaja
  • Zeta Potential Determination through nanoparticle- sized electropharsis device
    Persia Ada de Yro
  • Effectiveness of E-learning/Web development for CIM Courses
    Rianina Borres, Janice Gumasing
  • Fuzzy logic Traffic Control in Broadband Communication Networks
    Cheryl Mari Isip
  • PCK Cluster – Correlates of non-performing engineering students
    Dante Silva,Rosario Lazaro, Francis Llacuna
  • Obstacle Avoidance of AVG using Potential field method
    Mark Anthony Balberona, Ferdinand Galera
  • Scientific Computing Project
    Sarkhan Baun, Roberto Vitangcol, Kim Gargar
  • Multimedia-Based Classroom Instruction
    Jonathan Macayan

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