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Directed Research for Innovation and Value Enhancement

  • Low cost green architechture
    Garcia, Aristeo, Banaag, Fredinel, Clemente, Eloisa, Lubog Jr. Avelino
  • Parametirization of a force field equation of a novel biomolecule
    Medina, Isidro, Soriano, Allan
  • Preparation and Structural Characterization of alumina particles
    De Guzman, Manuel, Arugay, Arvin
  • Molecular and microbiological techniques involved in the degradation of organic waste in groundwater
    Tayo, Lemmuel, Dagbay,Kevin,Julian, Russel,Santos, Herbert
  • Utilization and microorganism for biofuel production
    Tayo, Lemmuel, Julian, Russel, Santos, Herbert,Medina, Isidro
  • Research Initiative in Biofuel
    Caparanga, Alvin, Marquez, Ariziel , Leron, Rhoda, Arugay, Arvin, Soriano,Allan
  • Fluid flow drag Reaction by nanofluids
    De Guzman, Manuel, Marquez, Ariziel
  • Supercritical fluid extraction of essential oils and biofuels
    Hofilena, Joy, Baluyot, John Ysrael, Miranda, Marilyn
  • Enzyme catalysed conversion of used cooking oil in biodiesel
    Hofilena, Joy, Baluyot, John Ysrael, Miranda, Marilyn
  • Development of polycaprolactone and carrageenan/polycaprolactone blend nanofibers by electrospinning
    Basilia, Blessie
  • Development of rubber silicate nanocomposites
    Navaja, Deorex, Basilia, Blessie
  • An update on the resource potential of Carmen porphynyl copper orebody in the light of alleration and mineral zonation
    Comsti, Ma. Eleveta, Fernandez, Marrianne
  • Development of a five joint pick and place robotic arm
    Cruz, Febus Reidj,Ontimare, Cyrel
  • Implementation of artificial intelligent control system using PIC microcontrollers and sensors
    Ibarra, Joseph Bryan, Basas, Orland
  • Investigative study on the average call holding time of randomly selected mobile phone users from the EE-ECE-COE students of Mapua
    Cardenas, Jose, Dela Cruz, Jerome
  • Exploratory use of mathematical models for water pollution as a tool in screening biofuels
    Silva, Dadigan,Llacuna,Lazaro,Tadeo

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