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Mapúa hosts exchange students from Madrid, Spain

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Blanca Barrios Sanchez and Enrique De Leon Besoli, Spanish exchange students from Carlos III University of Madrid, chose to study in the Philippines because of the country’s pristine beaches, but the high quality of education provided by Mapúa Institute of Technology coupled with the Filipinos’ hospitality made their stay much more enjoyable.

Being in Manila, the two are aware of how different the environment is from their hometown in Madrid. However, the hospitality of the Filipinos, especially their classmates and professors, helped them adjust. The Quarterm system of the Institute was also a new concept for both of them and the fast-paced learning environment in Mapúa was a bit challenging.

“When I came here, all my classmates were telling me that Mapúa is one of the most challenging universities in Asia,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez is taking up Electrical Engineering in Mapúa, while Besoli is under the Mechanical Engineering program of the Institute. In Spain, Sanchez and Besoli are taking up Energy Engineering and Industrial Engineering, respectively.

“When I was searching for Mapúa, I saw that this is a well-known university here in Asia, so my parents told me to come here,” Besoli said. “I am taking two classes here, and I am learning so much despite the fast-paced environment,” he added.

According to Sanchez, two students from Carlos III University have applied to study in the Institute next year.

“They are asking me if I will recommend Mapúa to them, and I said that I’ve only been here for weeks but I am very happy despite the differences between Manila and Madrid,” she said.

“As foreign students, we experience the kindness of everyone here. The teachers try to explain more so I can understand every lesson,” Sanchez shared.

Sanchez and Besoli will be staying at Mapúa for six months before going back to their home university in Spain.

Mapúa’s student exchange program is in response to the Institute’s vision of becoming among the best universities in the world. To date, Mapúa has accepted 173 inbound exchange students from all over the world and sent 142 Mapúans abroad to partner universities.

Last year, the Institute hosted two Malaysian students from the Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysia France Institute (UniKL MFI). Mapúa also hosted its first exchange students for senior high school, two students from Paris, France.

Aside from the student exchange programs, Mapúa also send students abroad for international plant visits and on-the-job trainings (OJT). As of date, 1,318 students were sent to various destinations abroad for plant visits while 210 students were sent to various international companies for OJT. Mapúa also hosts summer and English camps for foreign students.

For inquiries on Mapúa’s international programs, you may call Mapúa’s Office of Admissions and International Programs at tel. no. 247-5000 or e-mail admissions@mapua.edu.ph.


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