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The Mathematics Department of Mapúa University epitomizes the spirit of both science and engineering. The Department’s mathematics language as a diverse field embodies the art of pure science and the jargon of an analytical tool for investigating and exploring philosophical questions. Hence, the Mathematics Department is an edifice that exemplifies a tribute to human creativity for transforming students to be critical and creative thinkers, and lifelong learners.

Mission and Vision


As a forerunner in technological advancement, the Department of Mathematics envisions a scientifically creative individual with sound moral, social, and spiritual values who is an agent of transformation in a rapid changing global society.


Critically aware of its role in national growth and transformation, the Department of Mathematics is committed to provide and promote the pursuit of quality education in the field of Mathematics, academic culture of performance, and technological advancement through its integrated approach in the development of the whole person. This is a collaborative endeavor of qualified, dedicated, and effective administrators, faculty, and school personnel in well-maintained facilities.

Basic Studies Educational Objectives

  1. To provide students with a solid foundation in mathematics, physics, general chemistry and engineering drawing and to apply knowledge to engineering, architecture and other related disciplines.
  2. To complement the technical training of the students with proficiency in oral, written, and graphics communication.
  3. To instill in the students human values and cultural refinement through the humanities and social sciences.
  4. To inculcate high ethical standards in the students through its integration in the learning activities.

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