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Student Exchange

The Institute engages in two categories of student exchanges – long term and short term. Long term student exchanges usually lasts for about 4 to 6 months, while short term student exchanges lasts for just 1 week to 1 month. Course credit is under the long term category of student exchange; the English Camp and the International Summer Camp are under the short term category of student exchange.

Exchange students are either inbound or outbound Mapúa. Inbound exchange students are foreign students studying for a period of time in Mapúa. Inbound students to Mapúa will be screened individually by their respective universities and must be endorsed by their international office.

Outbound exchange students are Mapúans studying in partner universities outside the Philippines. Outbound students will be enrolling in the partner universities for specific courses and to take certain number of units, subject to the recommendation of the Schools here in Mapúa. The courses to be taken in the partner universities will be credited here.

Mapúa has accommodated 94 inbound students under its student exchange program for Credit Course, English Camp, and International Summer Camp. On the other hand, the Institute has sent 116 outbound students to different partner universities.

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