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Student Financial Assistance Program (STUFAP)


  • Qualified borrowers may be allowed to borrow a maximum of PhP8, 000 without interest.
  • Loans PhP4, 000 and below are payable within 2 years from the date of graduation.
  • Loans above 4000PhP are payable within 5 to 10 years from the date of graduation.


  • Must be enrolled as 3rd, 4th or graduating college student;
  • Must not be presently enjoying any government scholarship grant;
  • Must have attended the orientation on STUFAP with the CSFA;
  • Must be willing to comply with the program’s rules and regulations;
  • Must have a co-borrower either his/her parents, his/her relatives, or any person who is a GSIS or SSS member and a Guarantor working in Mapúa University.


  • Pay the amount borrowed under the program within the amortization period.
  • Notify the school within 30 days for any changes on the following:
    • change of permanent address
    • commencement of employment
    • transfer or change of employment
    • change in civil status
  • Issue post-dated checks (PDC) to cover the amortization payments. PDC’s shall be issued prior to graduation and as part of the graduation requirements.
  • In the event that the student borrower decides to transfer to another school/college/university, he/she should pay the entire amount of loan prior to the issuance of his/her transfer credentials and honorable dismissal.

Application Form: Download Here.
Agreement Form: Download Here.

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