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PACUCOA Accreditation

CQIO oversees preparations for the PACUCOA accreditation of the Institute’s academic programs. Relative to this, it checks the readiness of an academic program for an accreditation visit by ensuring that all accreditation requirements are fully met. To date, there are 13 academic programs of the Institute that are accredited by PACUCOA.


The Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) is a private accrediting agency that gives formal recognition to an educational institution by attesting that its academic program maintains excellent standards in its educational operations, in the context of its aims and objectives. Its objectives are:

  • To identify schools whose competence and performance in a particular field warrant public and professional recognition.
  • To guide students in the choice of quality schools, colleges and universities that will meet their individual needs.
  • To help institutions of learning achieve maximum educational effectiveness through self-evaluation and self-discipline.
  • To enlist the cooperation of institutions of learning and professional associations in the mission of advancing the interest of education.

Accredited Programs

Level IV

B.S. Civil Engineering

Level II

Computer Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Environmental and Sanitary Engineering
Chemical Engineering

Level I

AB Psychology
BS Psychology

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