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Mapúa one of six Philippine schools selected by Singapore’s MOM for student internships

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower has included Mapúa Institute of Technology on its list of six Philippine colleges and universities that best qualify to send students to its country for internships.

Decades of excellent education and training have made the graduates of Mapúa Institute of Technology highly recognized and sought after by different companies overseas. As it further strengthens its global status through accreditations and industry tie-ups, Mapúa also gains recognition that will open more opportunities for its students to undergo trainings abroad.

Early this year, Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has included the Institute on its list of six Philippine colleges and universities that best qualify to send students to its country for internships. The shortlist is based on MOM’s criteria for foreign individuals who want to work in Singapore.

These criteria include:

  • Global and country institution rankings by independent accreditation boards
  • Hiring history by top companies in Singapore
  • Validation by Human Resources (HR) consultants in listed countries
  • Employment outcome of the institution's graduates
  • Institution's enrollment standards

MOM has set the criteria to address the situation of increasing number of foreign workers and to further promote industrial peace and stability in Singapore. These criteria will be used as bases for granting Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate to non-Singaporeans to allow them to work in the island city.

For Eunice P. Cespedes, Mapúa’s Center for Career Services (CCS) placement officer, the inclusion is a proof of Mapúans’ global marketability and it opens more opportunities for students to experience the current advancements in their future professions.

“An all-inclusive array of opportunities may open up not only to the Institute but to its graduates most intensely. An in-depth look at the impact of international on-the-job trainings (OJTs) might be helpful for academic departments and faculty to make informed plans for internationalizing the curriculum and eventually come across the standard of the global market. Mapúa will go beyond its time-honored image of being a reputable source of top-notch graduates in the Philippines and shall soon be marked as a notable source of home-grown world-class graduates.”

One of the main initiatives that Mapúa focuses on until 2020 is the international OJTs of its students. Since July 2010, the Institute has already sent 32 students to Singapore for training. In looking for more internship opportunities, the CCS is looking at either bilateral or tripartite agreement with more companies in Singapore, hoping to penetrate its hospitality, engineering, architecture and design, and business industries. Likewise, it is also instigating collaboration movement in neighboring countries and eventually in distant nations.

“We want to provide our students and graduates countless training occasions and exceptional career opportunities in the international arena,” said Cespedes.

CCS believes international OJTs will not only give students the best possible training, but also open a lot of doors to professional growth. It encourages students to participate in its regular OJT fairs.

“OJT abroad opens a new world of professional opportunities. It helps trainees acquire new skill sets and often lead them on an exciting career path that they may not have considered. More and more employers are seeking out culturally aware and experienced employees who can work effectively in an increasingly global workplace,” ended Cespedes.

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