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Physics Society of Mapua (PSM)


The Physics Society of Mapua shall be an avenue of excellence and knowledge-sharing in physics by providing seminars with speakers that are highly reputable; by holding events that would lead to the understanding and appreciation of physics; and by daring to always defy gravity.


The Physics Society of Mapua nurtures, applies, and propagates knowledge in physics in the Mapuan community.

The society, using creative, fun, yet effective ways, assists in the appreciation of Physics all through out Mapua by applying laws and theories of great physicists in everyday life and quarterly holding events essential to the understanding of physics.

The society, with the aid of the three laws of motion, helps Mapuans, especially its members, to advance their perspective about physics in preparation for more specific fields of study.

The society, fearlessly daring the universal law of gravitation, aims to help Mapuans defy gravity


Physics Society of Mapua is an academic society established and zealously maintained by physics enthusiasts and physics students in Mapua who are truly inspired by and impressed by the eraly discovery and humble beginnings of physics through its Father, Thales, and great contributors like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Galileo Galilei and who strongly believes that sharing their knowledge and daily life experiences with each other and among Mapuans would lead to the advancement, help in fully understanding, and pave way to the appreciation of physics in Mapua.

List of Officers and Advisers

Board of Directors
Ariola, Hilfred (Chairman)
Almario, Paul Allan
Rufon, Ron

President: Andaleon, Joash
External Vice-President: Donaldo, John Philbert
Vice – President for Operations: Cosme, Trizia
Vice – President for Planning: Tiongson, Mario
Secretary: Alarilla, Aleck
Assistant Secretary: Bueanafe Karla
Treasurer: Estrella, Nathalia
COO Representative: Ignacio, Lawrence
Auditor: Araneta,Czarina

PSM Committees:

Membership Committee (Under Secretary)
Members Coordinator –Ignacio, Patrick
Applicants Coordinator –De Jesus, Jhaennie

Advertising Committee (Under President)
Public Promotions Officer – Gaa, John

Logistics Committee (Under Vice President for Planning)
Reservations Officer – De Jesus, Mark Leghrand
Event Flow Coordinator – Cordon, Tom
Food Head - Fernando, Andrew

Program Committee (Under Vice President for Operation)
Social Coordinator –Buenaventura, Edward
Technical Coordinator –Deveza, Rayne

Ways And Means (Under Treasurer)
Budget Officer –Araneta, Siege

Adviser: Ramil R. Jimenez
Adviser: Ernesto M. Utanes

Contact Information

Facebook Page: Physics Society of MAPUA
Twitter Page: @Physics_Mapua
Mobile No.: 09175224006

Email Us