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Advancing the Art. Enhancing the Profession.


The vision of .MOVE is to unite all the aspiring students of Mapúa Institute of Technology that share the same passion and dedication in advancing Video Production and Animation as art and profession.


.MOVE shall provide the necessary tools for the students within, but not limited to the Multimedia Arts course by giving personal trainings that expound the fundamentals of art in multimedia and in technology. .MOVE shall prepare the students for the outside world through simulating the similar environment by conducting on and off campus seminars, workshops, and contests.


The main purpose of .MOVE at Mapúa Institute of Technology is to create an organization devoted to the appreciation and advancement of video and animation as Fine-Arts. The organization aims to give members a better understanding of video production, post production, animation and rendering techniques. Moreover, .move intends to show produced videos and animations to increase the appreciation of modern art in Multimedia Arts and Sciences students and the MAPÚA Community.

In coordination with the Multimedia Arts and Sciences Department of The Mapúa Institute of Technology, the organization aims to pursue the following objectives:

  • To provide the necessary community and organizational structure to enable and empower its members to realize their ideas/stories.
  • To provide a common platform for multidisciplinary interests and apply them to the field of digital art/animation/film-making.
  • To equip its members with the essential skills that will enable them to pursue their individual goals.
  • To advance the name of the Multimedia Arts and Sciences program of The Mapúa Institute of Technology in the industry through exhibits, various discussions, and contests.

The organization should meet thrice every academic term, the time and venue are to be determined by the body at the start of every term. This should be known as the General Assembly where important matters pertinent to the organization should be discussed. Every member is required to attend the GA. Failure to attend without justifiable cause should be ground for sanctions. Special meetings may be called for by the Review Committee.

Ashrae Officers 2015-16

President: Nathaniel Pelareja
Internal Vice President: Bianca Mae Lim
External Vice President: Jollene Varda Mata
Secretary: Michael Medina
Animation Heads: Jetro Caisip & Jerome Oafallas
Video heads: Kiel Ferreras
Level Rep 2011: Keith Briosos
Level Rep 2012: Miguel Gonzales
Level Rep 2013: Delano Vincent Agapito & Andrew Valbuena & Rhadney Reyes

Adviser: Melvin Moso
Adviser: Mae Caralde

Contact Information

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Mapua.move
Mobile No.: 09359913418

Email Us