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Junior Philippine Institute Of Accountants (JPIA) – Mapua Chapter


The JPIA-Mapúa, with an independent collaboration to the student council, shall be the foremost accountancy organization of the campus by providing respectful services to its sterling members that will adamantly embolden the enshrined core values of Mapúa Institute of Technology within the harmony and rhythm of the students' affairs.


The JPIA-Mapúa, with the succour of the Divine Providence, firmly but humbly assists its members from procuring companionship and fostering impartiality. The JPIA-Mapúa, concurrently affiliated with the Mapúa Student Council and Mapúa Administration will give prominent and valuable novelty to its members and guests while partaking of academic endeavours to muster its members' knowledge in Accountancy.

The JPIA-Mapua, concurrently affiliated with the Mapua Student Council and Mapua Administration will give prominent and valuable novelty to its members and guests while partaking of academic endeavours to muster its members' knowledge in Accountancy.


The Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) – Mapua Chapter is an organization of students in the field of accountancy. It is a recognized arm of the National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (NFJPIA) which unites accountancy students from all over the Philippines and creates platforms for them to become well-rounded individuals.The organization also takes part in the various NFJPIA events that allows members to create bonds with students from other universities, establishing connections with colleagues in the future.

The JPIA-Mapuais composed of the President that is assisted with a set of officers that represent the diversity of the organization. Through their leadership and the students’ cooperation, JPIA-Mapua spearheads activities that enhance the financial knowledge, camaraderie and management skills of each member while putting a premium on academic excellence. Every event and activity not only aims to foster good relationships and impart knowledge but allows each and every JPIA-Mapua member to equip themselves with lessons that will prepare them in their future role as Certified Public Accountants.

List of Officers and Advisers

Gabrielle Laureen P. Magtalas

Leanne Patrish T. Marinas
Executive Secretary

Wendelene Glydhel F. Aben
Chief Secretarial Associate

Cyril C. Peñafiel
Vice President for Academics

Rafael S. Estrellas III
Chief Academic Associate

Chavin Joy S. Arcilla
Vice President for Non-Academics

Juvy Nell L. Andal
Chief Non-Academic Associate

Raniel Cornelia Paulino
Vice President for Finance

Roi Mikhael C. Loma
Vice President for Audit

Angel G. Dalida
Vice President for Communication and Membership

Valentin R. Rabara
Chief Communication and Membership Associate

Kevin Joshua A. Tadeo
Vice President for Information and Publicity

Lyra Janille E. Balitao
Chief Information and Publicity Associate

Krisha M. Accad
Council of Organizations Representative

Floyd C. Paguio, CPA

Contact Information

Email Address: jpiamapuaofficial@gmail.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/JPIA-Mapua
Twitter Page: @jpiamapua

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