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Mapua Institute of Technology Student Catholic Action (MITSCA)


The formation and development of Christian communities that are truly Filipino, founded on truth, justice, love and peace, guided by the Holy Spirit and realized in freedom, equality, and participation among people, thereby attaining here and hereafter, the Brotherhood of Men under the Fatherhood of God (BOMFOG).


SCA believes that it has a task in the mission of the Church. It has the task to educate and encourage students.

  • To look at the real question in their lives.
  • To become aware of the deeper issues facing our society
  • To realize that Christ invites us to a personal relationship with him, and to be involved with people in building a better world based on truth, justice, and love

The Student Catholic Action (MITSCA) is a religious organization inside our institution that actively participates in some of school activities in our school, especially in organizing and serving the Holy masses within the premises of our school with their goal of continuous evangelization in our Christ centred community, in and out of school.

List of Officers and Advisers

President: Elaine Flora C. Lumawig
Vice President: Jan Mark Louis E. Samarita
Secretary-General: Claire Anne F. Gatchalian
Treasurer-General: Dranoel S. Condalor
Committee Coordinator: Juan Carlo S. Miranda

COO Representative: Moses Justin S. Diaz

Contact Information

Facebook Page: Mapua Institute of Technology Student Catholic Action (MITSCA)
President's Mobile No.: 09358896363

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