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Institute of Electronice Engineers of the Philippines - Mapua Institute of Technology Student Chapter (IECEP-MIT)


IECEP-MIT shall be a distinguished organization of Electronics Engineering students of Mapua Institute of Technology and of its Mother Chapter by developing and nurturing competent, virtuous, productive and well-rounded Electronics Engineering students of the Institute.

  • To foster brotherhood among Electronics engineering students both inside the Institute and with other students of recognized chapter.
  • To contribute to the physical, intellectual, and social development of each member.
  • To keep ECE students informed with the latest trends and changes in the field of Electronics and Communications Engineering.
  • To uplift the honor and prestige of the mother chapter, through various activities sponsored, initiated and participated in by the organization.

Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines – Mapúa Institute of Technology Student Chapter (IECEP-MIT) is the sole accredited student organization exclusive for ECE Students in Mapúa. The organization started on July 24, 1986 with only two members, no permanent tambayan, and no official set of officers. Today, it consists of hundreds of members and 25 officers. One year of the organization is divided into two batches which would acquire two terms per tenure. Every even quarter of the school year, this organization encourages new members that could take the benefits from IECEP-MIT.

The organization consists of six committees namely: Academics, Newsletter, Project, Public Relations, Sports, and Technical. Academics Committee is the one developing the intellectual aspect of every member of the organization. Newsletter Committee handles the publication, particularly the regular newspaper of IECEP-MIT known as Gazette. Project Committee organizes outreach program, design bulletin boards, and improves the headquarters of the organization. Public Relations Committee leads the promotions of activities held by the organization. Sports Committee recognizes the Inter-school and Inter-org Sports fest. Technical Committee plan and prepare electronic workshops and other technical oriented activities. Moreover, these duties and responsibilities committed to each committee is not only limited within them. They will just serve as the leaders for the development and improvement of every member in a certain aspect of a person. All of these committees work collaboratively together with the elected officers to make all of the Electronics Engineering students of MIT be united as one.

List of Officers and Advisers

Executive Board
Chairperson: Jaycel Santos - 09175699397
Member: Stephanie Nicole Babar - 09178507896
Member: Mark Oliver Arreza - 09151211291
Member: Kyle Alyssa Jasteen Lucasan - 09178696399
Member: Paolo Ubaldo - 09151437023

Executive Board Auditor
Jezza Albacea - 09166022203

Executive Committee
President: Neil Patrick Sana - 09279913389
Internal Vice President: Roe Mathew Genciana - 09985630211
External Vice President: Jhohn Ramses Pelayo - 09054857577
Secretary: Ma. Isabelle Villafranca - 09156687103
Treasurer: Erika Rosas - 09261913394
Public Relation Officer: Arlan Miranda - 09778133803

Committee Heads
Academics: Mc Troy John Mordido – 09265410136
Newsletter: Angela Pontino - 09264653936
Project: Nesza Queen Camonas - 09352191914
Public Relations: Sarah Hernandez - 09157901395
Sports: Rose Antonette De Pedro - 09359731488
Technical: Joshua Ian Bautista - 09178315474

Central Student Chapter - Council Of Organizations: Racquel Gorostiaga - 09158589816
Manila Student Chapter: Louis Miguel Ontog - 09351803152

IVP Committee
Clarisse Camba - 09062410772
Justin Mayled – 09055223297

EVP Committee
Precious Jewelle Villegas - 09159012209
John Carlo Sonza – 09176221735

Presidential Staff
Holy Merr Carol Romero – 09159112448
Jorgen Josef Martin - 09265531600
Gweneivere Lasay – 09061884275

Adviser: Engr. Glenn O. Avedaño
Adviser: Engr. Alejandro H. Ballado, Jr.

Contact Information

Email Address: iecepmapua@gmail.com
Facebook Page: iecep.mit@groups.facebook.com
Twitter Page: @IECEPMIT
Intagram Page: @iecepmit
Mobile No.: 09279913389

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