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The Mapúa logo features the following parts:

Unclad Man
The unclad man symbolizes innocence, simplicity, and integrity expected of a Mapúan.

Greek Ionic Column
A Greek ionic column is seen under the man's right hand, symbolizing his pursuit for wisdom. The Greeks would often put the ionic column on libraries and justice halls, that represent learning, wisdom, and justice.

The compass is used by the man to draw an arc, which represents Mapúa's core competencies in Engineering and Technical Education.

Mayon Volcano
At the man's background is seen the iconic perfect cone-shaped Mayon volcano. This symbolizes precision and excellence expected of a Mapúan. This also shows Mapúa's commitment to serve the Filipino people.

The bridge just below Mayon Volcano symbolizes Mapúa's aspiration to unite the world through its innovations and inventions.

Flowing Water
The flowing water under the bridge symbolizes Mapúa's efforts not to remain stagnant but always to stay relevant and attentive to the signs of the times.

Founded AD 1925
Mapúa University was founded by Don Tomas Mapúa, the first Filipino registered architect, on January 25, 1925.

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